The Operating Model for Recurring Revenue businesses

Apply proven frameworks to accelerate growth between all functions in your revenue organization.

The Bowtie Model for recurring revenue businesses shows that recurring impact results in recurring revenue.

Open standard

The open standards outlined here can be applied to any recurring revenue business in order to drive sustainable growth, using scientific frameworks and data-derived models.

Think of these frameworks as the formulas that help your Revenue teams move away from working as siloed functions of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, and instead become one Revenue team --- all using the same operating model, the same frameworks, the same language.

The Key Models

Click on each of the models below to see how it explains sustainable growth, and to learn how to apply it to your business.

Why recurring revenue needs unique frameworks

The growth patterns of modern-day recurring revenue business models are unique from traditional business models; the typical 'sales funnel' framework that is often referred to with Sales and Marketing in and of itself does not apply to the unique needs of recurring revenue businesses.

Recurring revenue typically doesn’t occur until weeks or months after the deal has been won.

To achieve recurring revenue, service providers must deliver recurring impact to their customers.

Achieving recurring impact requires the alignment of all functional areas that work with the customer.

Traditional operating models tend to focus on the business’ internal processes, rather than focused on driving impact for the customers of the business.

This must include the integration of existing methodologies, leverage proven processes, and apply the latest campaigns.

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The key models of Recurring Revenue Operating, interoperable and building upon each other
The Data Model for recurring revenue businesses.
The ROM Mathematical Model, where a series of meetings comprises the win rate

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